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  Welcome to the Hinckley Independent Non-League club guide
To choose from a selection of football clubs click on the name of the team from the drop down Club Guide Menu above. The Club Guide Menu has been listed as teams in the Midland League Division 1 or in alphabetical order for quick reference. The information in the club guide is very basic at the moment (it's not as if I have loads of spare time.) It includes an address, ground capacity, telephone number, directions and if there is a website it will have the URL for that site.
The Hinckley Independent accepts no responsibility if these directions are incomplete, inaccurate, or downright falsefied just to make you get lost. (well OK not the last one!) You should double check with the individual clubs to make sure directions are right. Let's face it, I'm not your mum, you're grown up now and can tie your own shoe laces. I'm sure you're perfectly capable of looking at a map and finding out for yourself, well unless you've got a woman in the car, then Jebus help you.

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